Members & Officers

RCAA Members

Greetings Fraters:

It's a new year for the Rho Chapter Alumni Association (RCAA) and we are looking to retain our current and past members and encourage new members to join the Association. The RCAA is entering its fourth year as an active alumni association and we are anxious and ready to grow. We all have been impacted in one way or another by tough economic conditions and the Officers of RCAA appreciate every donation and dues payment we have received graciously in these trying times. That said, Rho Chapter is going through an exciting transition and need our help with the construction of the new TKE House and the ever growing Chapter.

Currently, we have three different funds you can donate to: General Fund, Scholarship Fund, and House Fund. Your dues and any general donations go to the General Fund. This fund is used for our operating costs (national TKE assoc. fee, mailings, website maintenance), alumni sponsor tailgates or events, and any improvements that are needed by the actives (Rush Banner/Grill). The Scholarship Fund is setup for the yearly scholarship given to two active Tekes that stand out in school, the Chapter and the Community. The House Fund was established to assist with any improvements for the TKE House. We, as Officers of the RCAA, have set a goal for the house fund to raise money so we can furnish and eventually purchase the house.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on making the RCAA better please let me or any other officer know and we will see what we can do, as we are always looking to improve.

To pay your dues or make a donation visit the dues and donations page.


There are various levels of membership based upon the amount donated. Below is a list of the membership levels and the respective quantities.


Membership Levels Values
Knights of Classic Lore $500+
Avena Club $200-$499
Carnation Club $75-$199
Graduate Club $25-$74


Members In Good Standing for 2009-2010- Updated July 7th, 2009


Amount Paid Date Paid Membership Dontaion Ranking
1 Tom Hutton $20.00 2/27/2009 Graduate Club
2 Jose Simonelli $20.00 2/27/2009 Graduate Club
3 Sam Cross $50.00 2/27/2009 Carnation Club
4 Jake Bendel $20.33 3/2/2009 Graduate Club
5 Robert Knepp $20.00 3/5/2009 Graduate Club
6 Garret Schneider $20.00 3/22/2009 Graduate Club
7 Dan Christy $75.00 4/18/2009 Carnation Club
8 Nick Long $20.00 4/18/2009 Graduate Club
9 Matt Glies $20.00 4/18/2009 Graduate Club
10 Robin Hayhurst $1,520.00 4/18/2009 Knights of Classic Lore
11 Patrick Curry $20.00 4/18/2009 Graduate Club
12 Brandon Hanna $20.00 6/5/2009 Graduate Club
13 Dan Long $20.00 6/5/2009 Graduate Club
14 John Graner $20.00 6/6/2009 Graduate Club
15 David Jacobs $96.80 6/8/2009 Avena Club
16 Jeffrey Goldberg $20.33 6/14/2009 Graduate Club
17 Mac Miglorini $20.33 6/15/2009 Graduate Club
18 Ed Lauther $19.12 6/17/2009 Graduate Club
19 Dom Lacaria $48.25 6/17/2009 Carnation Club
20 Jay Byers $20.33 6/25/2009 Graduate Club
  Total $2,070.49

Officers and Board of Advisers




At the alumni meeting held each year during RCB weekend we instate the new officers elected via online/personal ballot. This year we had many alumni cast their votes. We would like to announce new 2010-2011 Rho TKE Alumni Association officers which are listed below. Thanks to everyone that stepped up and took a leadership role this year.


TKE Rho Chapter Alumni Officers


President Gary Welch-Bass II, P.775
Vice President Jasen Toth, P.1040
Treasurer Dan Long, P.1065
Secretary Joel Pinto, P.1077
Events Chairman Eric Dinger, P.1047
Housing Chairman Matt Brady, P.945
Membership Chairman Bill Lude, P.990
Scholarship Chairman Gary Welch-Bass II, P.775

Send all communications intended for officers to



Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors is selected and organized according to the International Constitution and Bylaws, which is also known as The Black Book. In addition, your BOA should operate under a set of bylaws.

The primary role of the Board of Advisors, Chapter Advisor, and Faculty Advisor, is to advise the chapter. It is best to take a pro-active stance in working with the chapter, which can be accomplished by meeting regularly, requesting minutes from chapter meetings, receiving reports from chapter officers, and then acting to encourage continued improvement. One of the best measures of improvement is the chapter evaluation. This evaluation is normally conducted annually by an official representative of the Fraternity, whose visitation reports can be found in the TKE Maintenance Module.

The RCAA President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, along with the Rho Chapter Prytanis, Chrysopolis, and Chapter Advisor make up the Rho Chapter Board of Advisors.

Additional details on the Board of Advisors can be found at TKE Nationals website.


Roles and Responsibilities



  • CEO of organization, manager of all offices and chairs
  • Manage to RCAA’s vision and long-term plans
  • Sets goals and objectives to achieve vision and keep RCAA on track
  • Public face to RCAA at all events and publications
  • Correct issues regarding RCAA operations, officers, or board
  • Celebrate and communicate accomplishments of RCAA
  • Primary contact for nationals and Rho active chapter
  • Run bi-weekly officer meetings and semi-annual alumni meetings
  • Server on Board of Advisors during bi-weekly officer meetings

Vice President


  • Oversee all committees
  • Oversee the House Organization and fundraising efforts
  • Co-chair for the fundraising committee
  • Attend bi-weekly officer calls
  • Server on Board of Advisors during bi-weekly officer meetings



  • Website Manager and content editor
  • Manager of online photo album
  • Quarterly newsletter publisher
  • Publish articles for National Teke Magazine to promote Rho
  • Editor for all outgoing communication from RCAA
  • RCAA Public Relations
  • Update RCAA email distribution list, adding new members and database updates
  • Maintains records of Rho TKE history
  • Chair for the communications committee
  • Oversees the Membership of the alumni association
  • Attend bi-weekly officer calls
  • Server on Board of Advisors during bi-weekly officer meetings



  • Handles the financial accounts of the alumni association
  • Communicates progress toward financial goals to alumni and officers
  • Track dues, gifts, and donations. Thank and recognize donors, communicate donations and totals to RCAA
  • Interface with PayPal, deposit alumni checks and ensure funds are transferred to proper RCAA account
  • Member of the Fundraising committee
  • Attend bi-weekly officer calls
  • Server on Board of Advisors during bi-weekly officer meetings

Fundraising Chairman


  • Raises money for scholarship, housing, and alumni association
  • Primary contact for external fundraising efforts
  • Chair for the fundraising committee
  • Member of housing committee
  • Attend bi-weekly officer calls

Membership Chairman


  • Maintain the records of our alumni association
  • In charge of recruiting of new alumni members
  • Manage and maintain Rho Chapter family tree
  • Promote events and activities to increase membership and accuracy of records
  • Maintain the scroll with personal information within the lists
  • Manage RCAA job bank on-line
  • Targets alumni using generational points-of-contact
  • Chairs the membership committee
  • Attend bi-weekly officer calls

Scholarship Chairman


  • Manages alumni fundraising for scholarships
  • Interfaces with Nationals regarding scholarships
  • Manages RCAA memorial scholarship funds
  • Handles the ritual event for new members and special events
  • Member of the fundraising committee
  • Attend bi-weekly officer calls

Events Chairman


  • Organize Homecoming weekend events in coordination with active chapter
  • Organize Summer weekend event
  • Organize RCB weekend event in coordination with active chapter
  • Oversee regional events chairmen committee
  • Promote events for largest possible turn-out
  • Poll members to get accurate head count
  • Chairs the events committee
  • Attend bi-weekly officer calls

Housing Chairman


  • Ensures proper governance of house rules and contracts
  • Ensures actives keep house payments up-to-date
  • Manages house checklist to ensure safe and clean house
  • Manages fundraising for new house
  • Main contact for draft house architectural plans
  • Member of the fundraising committee
  • Attend bi-weekly officer calls

RCAA Board Members


  • Attend quarterly board calls
  • Vote on decisions regarding governance and guidance of RCAA and Rho Chapter
  • Actively participate on committees